About Copper

Copper Gutter from Superior Seamless Gutters

We believe that our copper gutter installation is one of the best in Northern California. We do not use any pre-fabricated miters (corners) or any caulking. We pay particular attention to detail, and qualified professionals solder all of our miters.

Copper is a symbol of excellence and superior craftsmanship. Copper will commonly be more expensive than the standard prepainted galvanized. However, if it is copper you desire, Superior’s installation is second to none.


Copper Gutters and Downspouts could be considered jewelry for the home. With a look of prestige, these gutters and downspouts will indeed last forever. We set the bar in our industry for Copper Gutter fabrication and installation. We pioneered a torch soldering technique many years ago which is now widely recognized as the most effective way to solder Copper Gutters. Our installers wear latex gloves the entire time they work with copper so that everything goes on the home pristine and shiny with no handprints or imperfections.  We take a lot of pride in our copper work!

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