5 1/2" Fascia Gutter

“They were very friendly and it was cool watching them make the gutters right in front of the house. Their prices are very reasonable and they were a joy to work with.”

John B.

Superior Seamless Gutter’s Lifetime Warranty

Since 1986, we have offered a Lifetime Warranty on every seamless rain gutter system we’ve installed. Our unique fabrication and installation techniques, along with the best sealants and materials in the industry, allow us to give our customers a warranty that no other company can match. The pre-painted Custom-Bilt Metals rain gutters we install come with their own lifetime warranty.

Our lifetime warranty covers leaks, rust, and general workmanship. It does not cover damages due to acts of God, or any problems that may arise from lack of care or maintenance, i.e., cleaning debris from gutters as needed. Excessive debris buildup in gutters or downspouts can cause blockages and water overflow, damaging the gutter materials and even the roof and siding. For this reason, proper maintenance must be followed for the warranty to remain valid.

Technically, our warranty is valid only for the property owner at the time of purchase. If the property sells, and the new owner can show proof that we installed the rain gutter system (such as the original invoice), we will honor the warranty. If you have further questions about the terms of our lifetime warranty, feel free to contact us.

Superior Seamless Gutter Lifetime Warranty
Superior Seamless Gutter Lifetime Warranty
Rectangular Downspouts Pre Painted

The only Gutter Company to Offer a Lifetime Warranty

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